Midwest Mahragan Alkeraza - Registration Form

CHURCH GUIDLINES: To Protect yourself and others, you must:

1. Always wear your protective mask, during the duration of your time at church

2. Upon arrival, you must sanitize your hands and allow an external forehead temperature reading to be taken to ensure you are fever-free. Take your temperature before coming to church. If anyone in your family has a temperature of 100.0°F or higher, your family must stay home.

3. Keraza attendees must be on time; the doors will open 15 minutes prior to start time and be closed at starting time. This is to allow minimal delay in check-in and starting the day’s activities. Those who are late will be sent home to attend the activities online.

4. The children being brought to any of the local churches of the Diocese of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana for Keraza 2021 must abide by the rules and regulations of the church. Disruptive behavior will NOT be tolerated. Parents will be asked to come pick up their kids if necessary.

5. Parents dropping off their kids are NOT permitted to stay at the church. They will need to drop them off and come back for pick-up ON TIME.

By clicking Accept below, I agree, to the best of my knowledge, on the date I arrive at the church, my family and I will come to church symptom-free and fever-free. I have read the church guidelines and agree to the above terms. I understand and consent to the church guidelines as well as the information given in this section of the registration.

Any of the local churches of the Diocese of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana cannot guarantee that all occupants entering its premises are free from COVID-19. As such, anyone choosing to enter the church premises does so knowing and assuming all risks. Churches of the Diocese of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana will not be liable for anyone who chooses to enter its premises and later alleges to have contracted COVID-19 through the church. If anyone knows that he or she has the COVID-19 virus, has been in contact with anyone with the virus, or is not feeling well in any capacity, churches of the Diocese of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana is instructing these individuals NOT to come to church. If anyone contracts COVID-19 within 14 days of attending Keraza at their local church, it is MANDATORY that he or she immediately contact the priests so the appropriate steps can be taken to safeguard the congregation.

I, , parent(s) of agree with the above stated rules and regulations for Keraza 2021. I understand that churches of the Diocese of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana are not responsible or liable for any alleged contraction of COVID-19 from the church. I understand that my children are reliable for their own actions, and bring them to Keraza 2021 with my full approval and agreement knowing the regulations and risks.