College & Grads Keraza Retreat

Location: Michindoh Conference Center
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Retreat Center Map:
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Schedule (Tentative):

Friday October 4, 2019
7:30pm- 8:30pm Check In. Boys (Lakeside Chalet), Girls (Maplewood Cabin)
8:30pm-9:30pm Dinner (Hilltop Hall)
9:30pm-9:45pm Songs (Hilltop Hall)
9:45pm-10:15pm Talk # 1 (Hilltop Hall)
10:15pm-10:30pm Quiet time (Hilltop Hall)
10:30pm-12:00am Games/Ice Breakers (Hilltop Hall/ Bates Gym)
12:00am Midnight praises (Hilltop Hall)

Saturday October 5, 2019
9:00am-11:00 am Liturgy + group Photo (Hilltop Hall/Fireside Chapel)
11:15am-12:15pm Brunch (Dining Hall)
12:15pm-12:45pm Talk #2 (Grand Hall/Hilltop Hall)
12:45pm-5:30pm Volleyball+ Soccer +Color/Lake activities (Bates Gym & Lake)
5:30pm-6:30pm Dinner (Dining Hall)
6:30pm-7:15pm Free Time (Hilltop Hall)
7:15 pm-7:30pm Songs (Hilltop Hall)
7:30pm-8:00pm Talk #3 (Hilltop Hall)
8:00pm-8:30pm Group Discussion (Hilltop Hall)
8:30pm-9:30am Fun games (Hilltop Hall/ Bates Gym)
9:30pm-10:30pm Abdu Show (Hilltop Hall/Fireside Chapel)
10:30pm-11:30pm Bonfire (Fireside Chapel)
11:30 pm-12:00 am Quiet time, Agepeya, Midnight prayer (Hilltop Hall/Fireside Chapel)
12:00am Basketball + Ping Pong tournament (Main Gym/Bates Gym)

Sunday October 6, 2019
9:00am-9:45am Breakfast (Hilltop Hall)
9:45am-10:00am Agpeya Morning Prayer (Hilltop Hall)
10:00am-10:15am Songs (Hilltop Hall)
10:15am-10:45 Talk #4 (Hilltop Hall)
10:45am-11:00am Quiet Time (Hilltop Hall)
11:00am-11:30am Pack
11:30am-12:00pm Lunch (Dining Hall)
12:00pm Photo (on the Bridge) + Goodbye


1. No longer be a reproach
+Take home verse: “Come and let us build the wall of Jerusalem, that we may no longer be a reproach” (Neh 2:17).

2. The God of heaven Himself will prosper us 
+Take home verse: “So I answered them, and said to them, 'The God of heaven Himself will prosper us ..'" (Neh 2:20)

3. Arise and Build, where to start?
+Take home verse: “therefore, we His servants will arise and build.” (Neh 2:20)

4.  Our Adversaries = Enemies of Success
+Take home verse: “So the wall was finished.. in fifty-two days.. they perceived that this work was done by our God." (Neh 6:15,16)


You are my all in all
Empty Me
Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary


Volleyball / Ping Pong / Basketball Brackets

Soccer Bracket